It’s been quiet here lately…

Hi friends,

I can’t believe I haven’t posted on this site in almost a year. Well, what to say except that it’s been another incredibly busy year. I’ve been all over the US as a sideman with various Detroit-based bands including the fabulous Thornetta Davis and a ton of hits with Laura Rain & the Caesars. This month, I will be heading to Europe with Chicago blues guitarist James Armstrong. I’ll update my calendar to reflect the dates.

Speaking of Europe, my eldest daughter was invited to join the Blue Lake International Symphony next year on French Horn. We’re very proud of her and are looking for some support to afford the trip. You can check out her GoFundMe page here:

On the gear front, not a lot has changed. I’m still rocking either the Hammond SK2 or the XK5 (which is amazing… videos coming soon) and the Kurzweil Forte7 as my two main axes. I joined a Pink Floyd tribute band called Echoes of Pink Floyd and spent about a week of six to eight hour days programming all the sounds necessary on the Forte7, which handled everything I needed to do with aplomb. A huge thanks to David Weiser at Weisersound for his guidance and help. Additional programming help and sounds came from Enjoy the Sirens. Check out his patch for the intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond. It’s so good. On our show in August, I added the Prophet 12 to the rig. If you’re on Facebook, you can see a little snippet of that here:

Otherwise, I’m just out here doing my thing! Playing organ, recording small jazz combos, working on THEO II (which is pretty much done), planning another Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers recording, and generally having a ball!  Just need to find more time to keep this site updated.

Lastly, check out my video review of the new Lounsberry Pedals offering, the Tall Fat & Wide. This is a stereo version of the Tall & Fat pedal and is designed to add some warmth and glow to your static, stodgy clonewheel. The stereo version is specifically for those that do not have an external rotary speaker simulator and want to use their clonewheel’s onboard sim in stereo.

And here’s Part II, by request. Some folks were asking what it sounded like when really pushed into overdrive rather than just the subtle saturation of the first video.

That’s it for now! Happy fall and be safe! Support live music!