Mini Vent II – Demo part 2

Yesterday I posted a video demo of the Mini Vent II using the venerable Hammond XK3 as the sound source. Today I connected the Mini Vent II to my 1954 Hammond C2.

The output of the Hammond C2 was connected to a small Yamaha mixer via a custom made direct box that converts the raw output from the C2’s preamp to a mic level signal. This mixer then fed the mono input of the Mini Vent II. The stereo output of the Mini Vent II was then fed into my DAW (Cubase 9) via a Yamaha N12 digital mixer. I added a bit of room reverb from the Valhalla Room Reverb just so the Mini Vent II didn’t sound so dry. A real Leslie in a room, after all, would have some ambiance in the sound.


3 thoughts on “Mini Vent II – Demo part 2

  1. Jim,
    Could you share the schematics ofo the direct box you use. I have a little pad circuit I use for my B3 but I am looking to improve it. Could you share?
    John in Brooklyn

  2. Just amazing watching you go through the changes, particularly the right hand working both melody and rythm on the second tier… I bought the Vent II and picked up the remote pedal also. I’m not a B3 guy by any means but love the sounds that the Vent delivers. Of course it never seems to sound like anything you do, timbre-wise. The improvements on the Mini-Vent are great and you utilize them beautifully. thanks for keeping in touch, Jimmy, and congrats on another superb demo! Peace- Jimi Paradee

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