Hammond XK1c video demo

As a companion to my Hammond XK1c Quick review, here’s a video demo of the XK1c in action. I took one of the tracks from my Tribute To Big John Patton sessions last August and muted the original organ track. I then overdubbed myself playing the XK1c instead. I think it sounds very good! Such demos are important because they demonstrate how the instrument fits into a mix with a band.

I considered connecting the XPK-200L bass pedals to the XK1c and kickin’ a bit of bass, but I decided to just do left hand bass instead.

The XK1c was recorded directly into Cubase 7 from it’s 1/4″ outputs. The onboard Leslie sim is used. I added a bit of the session reverb from the track to help it sit into the “room” with the other instruments.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think.

Hammond XK1c

Hammond XK1c

10 thoughts on “Hammond XK1c video demo

  1. Great video Jim! Big sound from a small machine and especially good to hear it in a band context. I think it sits really well, holds it own in the solos and sits nicely when comping. Did you shoot in HD as the quality is really good…so good that anyone learning Hammond technique would probably learn more from this 10 minutes than anything else I’ve come across. Great job!

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  3. Hello,Jim,
    This is Hammond Club Holland, the biggest in Europe.

    on our site, for over 5 years,i am working on a project,called,
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    Jim, I would like to ask you, to use some data ; differene between SK and XK1C ,
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    Hammond Club Holland
    Jan herbert jr
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  4. Hi. Planning to do some downloadable presets for xk1c too? Like someone somewhere said that you seem to be the only one who knows hot to do it right.
    I recently bought XK1c too and some more authentic b3 stuff would be nice.

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