Ventilator Shoot-Out

If you’ve seen the following video on YouTube, where I compare a real Leslie 122 to the Neo Instruments Ventilator, you’ve probably come here to see if you’re answers to which clip is which are correct.

Well, here you go!

A – Hammond XM2 internal sim
B – Neo Instruments Ventilator
C– Real Leslie 122

Here’s a special note of interest from Ventilator creator Guido Kirsch:

“Something to think about that most people have overlooked so far: The Ventilator doesn’t simulate the room where the the virtual leslie is in! This is intentional, since the room adds ambience when you play over an amp and hear the Ventilator from a distance –  like a real leslie.

Over headphones or when hearing a recording of the direct line out, the sound can be too dry.

To have a fair comparison you would have to play the Ventilator over an adequate amp in the same room the leslie sits in and mike that up, to give the recording a “room sound”. Alternatively a reverb processor with a small  room setting might also work.”

I think the point Guido makes is important. In fact, the lack of room ambiance is really the only difference I can hear between the Ventilator and a real 122 in most circumstances. Listen to the video again and you’ll hear what I mean.