The new CD is here!

My newest release, Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers – A Tribute to Big John Patton, has arrived from the duplicators.  It looks really great!  Designer Rick VanderLeek did an amazing job.  The photographs from Jessica D. Cowles are vivid and full of energy.

The news CDs are here!  The new CDs are here!

The news CDs are here! The new CDs are here!

I’m very excited about this release.  The music is classic 60s soul-jazz with a group of incredible musicians.  Big John’s compositions and playing are a huge influence on me and he has not received the recognition he is due.  I hope this releases helps mitigate that a little.

A match made in heaven.

A match made in heaven.

The last step in this process is to duplicate the DVDs, which I am doing locally.  The DVD is an extra add-on that will be slid into the pocket of the CD package, along with the liner notes. I decided upon this route to save some money.  Having two trays in the packaging would be expensive and I was also worried about those that didn’t order the DVD seeing that extra tray and assuming something was missing.

Shipping to all Kickstarter backers should be done by the end of the week.

The CD is already getting airplay around the country.  Here’s a little taste for those that may have missed it the first time around.

My next project is a departure from the jazz thing.  Its a progressive rock album of original material with me singing (and playing keys, obviously).  More about that soon.

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  1. hey man enjoyed ya playing….whats the best pedal..the neo vent or the gsi burn for leslie effect

    • The BURN is more versatile, but from what I’ve heard and read the Ventilator is more authentic in terms of the rotary simulation. I have not used the BURN directly, though.

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