Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers LIVE on WKAR-TV

In August of 2014 I had the distinct pleasure of headlining the Old Town Lansing Jazz Festival (now called the Lansing Jazz Festival) with my band Dirty Fingers. I assembled an all-star cast including Oakland University’s Sean Dobbins on drums, guitarists Larry Barris and Ralph Tope, saxophonist Mark Kieme, and vibraphonist Jim Cooper. During the second part of the set some special guests joined the band onstage including New York organist Brian Charette, the inimitable Fareed Haque on guitar, and Michigan State University Jazz Professor Michael Dease on trombone for a fun jam session.

dirty finger WKAR_2

You can watch both sets via the WKAR page.

Part I – http://video.wkar.org/video/2365430304/

Part II – http://video.wkar.org/video/2365430317/

dirty finger WKAR