Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers

Here’s a little taste of the upcoming release.  I hope to have a preorder page up soon.  Good Juice originally appeared on the Blue Note release “Oh Baby!” by Big John Patton.  This version features fantastic solos by Dwight Adams and Mark Kieme on trumpet and tenor respectively.

Randy Gelispie’s drum solo at the end of the song deftly displays why I’ve been wanting to do a recording project with him for so long.  He is a true master, one of the best jazz drummers alive today hands down.  It was a true honor to be able to play with him.  I’m already planning my next project with him!

3 thoughts on “Jim Alfredson’s Dirty Fingers

  1. how do you Judge the new b3 from hammond Suzuki when it comes to a comparison with a vintage b3 in terms of sound and play ?

    • Replicating the tone of a Hammond is relatively easy to do these days. There are lots of options to do that from Hammond-Suzuki, Nord, Crumar, etc. I prefer Hammond-Suzuki’s take on that but that’s personal preference.

      What is NOT easy to do is replicate the actual mechanics of the keying system used on a tonewheel Hammond console like the B3. The Hammond B3 uses 9 bussbars underneath the keys and that’s what gives it the characteristic ‘click’, which varies on every note and every time you play that note. It’s really hard to emulate that. This is where the New B3 from Hammond-Suzuki shines since it also features a 9 contact keying system under each key. From that standpoint, it’s about as authentic as you’re going to get.

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